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Thanks to your generosity YAI is able to provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities exceptional services year after year in Long Island. On behalf of these people and their families, thank you for giving them true opportunities to live, love, work and learn in their communities.

Your gift has a powerful and positive impact on the people we support. Thank you for your generosity and friendship. 

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$100.00 RCRichard Cortez
In memory of Ms. O. Cirillo and in honor of her granddaughter Ms. S. Cirillo.
$40.00 TKTaylor Kiernan
$112.00 MCMichael Carucci
$35.00 JRJessica Rudman
$72.00 JBJaneth Blanco
$111.00 KRKierstin Rezler
$35.00 GTGabrielle Tassielli
$35.00 NTNicollette Tricarico
$35.00 NTNicollette Tricarico
$21.00 SLStephanie Lupo