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Team Jessica!

Bradford Humphrey

Bradford Humphrey

Hi Friends! It's Central Park Challenge time again on June 2nd!

Lauren and I are helping my sister, Jessica, raise money for her group home, the Mamaroneck House, and YAI, the organization that runs it. We do this by asking you to support us in YAI's annual Central Park Challenge Walk. YAI is a fantastic organization that has helped thousands of people with disabilities. In recent years, YAI has had to tighten its budgets as federal and state funding continues to get cut for charity organizations. Unfortunately, this means that Jessica’s House has less funds to spend on staff, facilities, recreation, and life enriching activities for its residents. Now more than ever, both the Mamaroneck House and YAI desperately need our help.

Click "Donate" button on the right to help!

We acknowledge how wonderfully generous our friends have been these past years. We do not take your contributions for granted and every year truly appreciate your kindness. Over this past year, your donations have enabled the eleven residents of the YAI house to do all of the below fun activities:
· A swim program for five residents
· Dance and acting classes for some of the residents, who showed off their new skills in a play at Scarsdale Middle School
· Tickets to the annual Spring Ball and new outfits for the residents
· Special birthday dinners at Eato’s and Dallas BBQ
· Vacations this upcoming summer to the Jersey Shore & Rocking Horse Ranch

In addition, the funds we raise allow the residents to take trips to the local pool, go bowling, go to the movies, grocery shop, and even allow for the occasional manicure for the girls! It is easy to take for granted the ability to do these activities with our friends and families on weekends, but without our donations, the options for Jessica and her friends become very limited. These activities make all the difference in the resident’s lives!

Contributing to Team Jessica ensures that a portion of these funds are allocated directly to Jessica's residence for her benefit and for the benefit of the 10 other residents who live with her.

Your donations are especially important because for every dollar raised, the Jessica Humphrey Private Family Foundation will be making a matching contribution!

It is very easy to contributes with your credit card by clicking the "Donate" button on the right. It only takes about two minutes, and anything you give is GREATLY appreciated.

I say this every year, but truly, your support means the world to me, and helps Jess and YAI in so many ways. Every dollar goes a long way in providing a better life not only for my sister, but for all of her friends at the Mamaroneck House and for thousands of other people with disabilities. Lauren, my parents, Rich & Connie, Jessica and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



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