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Miss Elly & JR

Miss Elly & JR

Miss Elly & JR

We are soooo late in opening "Katie's Fan Club"
We apologize for any confusion.
We know that YAI has been on top of things thanks to the incredible new team of experts in the Communications & Development Department.

We hope that YOU will be very generous this year. Times are tough for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Their lives rely on Medicaid funding which is a state and federal match...& we're certain we do not need to say more to convey the urgency to add to that amount.

The allocation of this year's 60% of your donation to "Katie's Fan Club" will be decided soon by Katie's housemates at the Schafler Residence. We will keep you updated.

Last year's the proceeds from "Katie's Fan Club" were used as follows:
"Kate (landscaper) from Twelve Gardens Ltd. had her first meeting with Jessica and I on April 19th and on April 27th we will have our preliminary design meeting. Everyone will have input as to the design of the garden. Kate will leave several sketches and will give choices for colors, planters and various materials that we will bring to resident's meeting for everyone's input. Summer cookouts are coming soon!"

Everyone is working very hard to make the CPC for 2018 the best ever.
Lot's of added attractions...OUR Plans ASAP.

We Thank You in Advance for Your Generosity.

Miss Elly & JR


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We are sorry we missed cheering on Team Katie in person this year! Of course we were thinking of you and sending much love xoxo Howard, Samantha and John
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