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Christine Reinhard

Christine Reinhard

Thank you for visiting my page in support of the 2018 YAI Central Park Challenge on Saturday, June 2nd.

The YAI Network Central Park Challenge is one of the most iconic and inclusive events in New York City. For more than 20 years, thousands of people have come out to run the 4-mile race, participate in the 3K walk, and celebrate “Seeing Beyond Disability.”

The YAI Central Park Challenge is a cause that is near and dear to my heart, and I would like to invite you to partner with us by making a contribution. Your contributions will help to improve the services and lives of children and adults that are served by the YAI/Rockland County Association for People with Disabilities (YAI/RCAPD).

Come join us in our mission of Living, Loving, Working, and Learning so that you can see firsthand the passion that drives our organization forward and enhances the lives of the people we support. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to lace up your sneakers, soak up some sun, and show your support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities!

I hope to see you in the park on Saturday, June 2nd.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support- Chris


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Another $80 from my wonderful colleagues at Morgan Stanley Purchase Office. Jon Moore is from Morgan Stanley as well.
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4. SRSteve Ryan
This donation is from my generous colleagues at the Morgan Stanley Purchase branch. Every month we designate a worthy cause and donate the cash collected for “jeans Friday”. The previous 6 donations done online were Morgan Stanley employees as well. We are happy to support the great work YAI I doing. Go Chris!
5. ECEric Chan
6. JPJulia Peloso-Barnes

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