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Elly Rufer

Hello All,

The Rufers are on the move again

We ARE Walking & Running to Support Katie & YAI
(The Run has Changed: It is now 4 miles. Start Training)

Join Us on June 3rd for this AMAZING Event

Details Soon

Kate Moved! For years we, together with YAI have been working to relocate The Gramercy Residence after the lease was not renewed.

YAI came through for Kate. The goal was for Kate to remain in Manhattan so that she remain at all her programs, keep her doctors and visit with all of us easily. Kate now lives in the Schaffler Residence, a five-story townhouse, in midtown Manhattan. Kate is adjusting to her new housemates and her new routine. Mission Accomplished!

Sixty percent of all donations earmarked for programs go directly to the program itself. Schaffler is ready for an overhaul, so please route all donations to that program.

Additionally, the increase to Minimum Wage in New York State created unintended consequences for many of the Direct Support Professionals who work with Katie. There is a frightening shortage of applicants for work and retention is a problem too. Agencies, Families and Self-Advocates came together to support DSPs in the campaign called #bFair2DirectCare. WE were successful in getting additional money. It certainly is NOT over.

Think Federal, think Repeal & Replace, Think Medicaid Block Grants, Think Capitated Rates, Changes to Medicare. Now consider that over 90% of the programs that support the lives of Katie and all people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities are funded by Federal & State money. The prospects are horrifying.

There is an enormous amount of advocacy work to be done in NYS and Federally that will benefit YAI and all the providers to help maintain the health and safety of people who need help to be healthy and safe.

We hope that we can count on you all to support this important advocacy work.


Please Be as Generous As Possible

We Appreciate Your Participation & Hope to See YOU on June 3rd!


JR & Miss Elly & Katie Too


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